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The edible chew I love the most from 2022


I usually get high, but when I feel like rewarding myself daily, it's because of these blue raspberry edibles. The taste is fantastic, and the body high lasts for hours, but how did this become my favorite edible of 2022?

Favorite Tangy Blue Raspberry Edible Chew

I've tried lots of edibles. I've had the good and bad, but this is my favorite. It's called "I am Edible - Blue Raspberry" edible chew, and it's made by a company called Rev Brands which specializes in medical marijuana products for recreational and medicinal purposes.

Edibles can be tricky for some people to manage correctly. Most edibles have very strong effects, so knowing how much you should take at a time or even how long before eating another one or waiting until the effects wear off first is essential. That said, if you're looking for something that will give you pain relief without making your head heavy like other strains do, then this might be just what you need!

It tastes great

This edible chew is excellent on its own. I just wanted to mention that as a stand-alone sentence :).

Very Nice Body High

what does it feel like? A body high is a feeling of euphoria or a sense of well-being. It can also be described as relaxation, calmness, and comfort. While there are many kinds of highs (heady, cerebral, etc.) and various types of weed in which you could experience them (Indica vs Sativa), I've always been partial to the body high.

It's not just me; this high has become so popular among cannabis users that it's now known simply as "the body" or "the body sensa". Body sensas are typically sativas with THC concentrations over 20 percent—high enough to produce an intense head rush but not so much that they make your eyes spin around in their sockets like marbles on an amusement park ride.

Eating these is like eating candy with a natural body high.

Eating these is like eating candy with a natural body high. It's very lovely, very tasty, very sweet and soft. The taste is very fruity. It's also chewy, which I love! Not to mention the Lasting therapeutic effect.


I love these edible chews. They've carried me consistently through 2022. They taste great, have a nice body high that lasts for hours, and have a therapeutic effect. I like to eat these throughout the day, and they keep me very happy with myself both physically and mentally, and they are my go-to.


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